Plannin' to get a tatoo like this on my right arm, anyone wanna sponsor?hahah.. really! this is a warning! NO KIDS UNDER 15 YRS OLD HERE!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Music: Gwen Stefani - Sweet Escape
Casts: Members of SGMS Renaissance Choir 2

We proudly present to you our second 'music video', OUR SWEET ESCAPE = Choir!! hehehe
Enjoy the video...

Before that... Jump to my new blog URL!!!

It'll be there!!!

Btw, it's still under construction.. So might be some errors and some hideous templates going on.. hahahahaha

Cherry Tree: The Musical - Behind the scenes

I, Ng Ke Xin was part of the production of Cherry Tree: The Musical produced and performed by many members of the Soka Gakkai Malaysia, Selangor .

It was the first ever musical done on a big scale lasting for more than an hour! hehehe.. I'm a proud backstage crew and always will be. Thanks goes out to the members on my team, Angeline, Ann, Fabian, Robin, uncle Lawrence and much more for all the hard work!

Now, before I proceed with the events on the real day I shall give u guys a sneak preview of the pictures soon to come.. I'm still busy and still lazy to blog so here are some pics. (Most pics courtesy of Chai Chung Han)

Actually, go to his page to see all the pictures! I shall leave u guys with one!

"Stage, Lights, ACTION!!!"
(whatever you see here is done by the Graphic Group of SGMS)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

To Lim Chia Woon


I bet you were really surprised to see a bunch of us at Leo's Cafe yesterday.
HOpe you liked it girl! hehehe.. see? eventhough we're not in high school we still celebrate for you!


HAPPY 19th Birthday! ;)

btw, here's a pic of CWoon crying..!! hahahaahahaha.. ENJOY!!


Saturday, August 04, 2007


Has finally paid off!!

Go here!!

Hahhaa... I'm gonna blog soon about my experience for the 'CHERRY TREE MUSICAL'!
Hopefully get some pictures up as well..
Hope everyone is well!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hahaa.. I may regret posting this up..

Here's our long awaited dance performance for our Music Class!! ahahaha... enjoy...

Song is remixed by Andrew and choreography also by Andrew.
Team : Anonymous
Members: Andrew, Ke xin, Shireen, Dennis, Diana and Fion.
Vid: By Gary..
(forgive the chinese music and the end, it's not part of the performance) hehe..

Monday, July 02, 2007

Back from Perhentian!

Sun, sand and sea. Beautiful!!! That's what I can say.

On the night we left (Thursday), we took a bus to Kuala Besut which I think is all the way in Terengganu. The bus ride there was okay but really tiring 'cause the bus driver was driving quite fast. Couldn't really sleep much 'cause it was a bumpy and rocky way there. And the only problem is the place they stopped to give the passangers a break which I shall name it as - the rest stop from hell.

Anyways, when we got there it was 5.30am and we thought we could get there around 8am. We walked around the Jetty and it was nice as we could see the sea and everything. It's been a long time since I went on a 'beach' holiday. We ate breakfast at a mamak stall there. Then we found out from the resort's agent that we could only leave the jetty at 10am. So we practically waited 4 hours there doing nothing and getting really restless.

When it was 10, we got on the boat with a bit more enthusiasm and cheerful selves. It was a great feeling sitting on the speed boat with wind going through your hair and the clear blue sea all around you. It was all laughter and smiles 'cause we could feel the holiday mood again. Plus the boat was jumping up and down making our butts really sore!!

When we reached, it was beautiful. Now I shall let the pictures speak for themselves. However, I forgot to bring my camera along for the first day! I'll get the pictures from the guys later and upload it...

(fr. left: Ching Leng, Choon See, Ah Mei, Chong How, Kimmie, Lionel and Sue Ann)

The Place:

Well, this was our view.. hehe.. coz we took the cheapest package of all! but NO COMPLAINTS whatsoever!

Lionel. Ann. Kxin.

The gals.

The gang again, plus our two new friends on the right.. Notice the guy in the middle? It's Man, also known as 50 sen (Malaysian Version)

Snorkelling trips:

Nice huh? This is taken on the 2nd day. The sun is bright and lovely!

That's the goofy me in snorkelling gear.

Pic taken by Ann - who was a bit seasick at that time.. hehe..

Silly us clinging on the side of the boat!

Ann, enjoy-NYER!!!! hehe.. nice pic.. ;) wink wink!

At pulau Susu Dara I think. Look at the sea!

View of the boat...

HAhahaa.. Ah Mei, tenggelam!

Ah mei and Lionel.

Relaxing on the beach... ahhh.. heaven..

Ini dua caught in the act of indecent exposure - to the sun!
Ann and Lionel Sun Tanning.

Heheheheh! the pic speaks for itself.

Last day at the resort.

Feeling a bit, nostalgic? (ps: they weren't posing, they were really admiring the view)

Me and Ann on the boat on the way back.

Buh-bye Cocohut... :(

And another...

Food from the rest stop from HELL. Guess what Ann's trying to say with her hands?

Camwhoring in the bus....

Will update soon.!

Monday, June 25, 2007

When a blog runs into a wall of bricks..

Now I'm in trouble!

Look at the difference between my previous and current blog post. I haven't updated in like a month. I guess most people have taken my link off their lists! Anyways.. I don't seem to have the time to blog nowadays. Give me some incentives please?

Current updates:
YAY! GOING on a trip to Pulau Perhentian this Friday to Sunday.
Sun, sand and sea! The 3 out of 4 things I love the most!! *wink wink*. Unfortunately, I had to push most of my stuff and assignments to this week so I'm gonna face 2 and 1 mid-term exams on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. So I guess there's not much time left for me to read my topics again.. GAHHH.. I'm knees are getting weak.

Music Class assignment
Guess what my group is gonna do? Hahhaa... Dance! If you tell me it was a dance, it'll be perfectly fine for me but DANCE? Sighhh.. I totally don't have any confidence in that field. And we have to pick a genre and stick to it. Luckily, Andrew's gonna choreograph the whole dance so I guess it's going to be alright. Fingers totally crossed. Our style? JIVE!! *shakes hips - looking like a huge hippo*

Life condition?
Well, I've been facing a pretty huge problem for this semester! My forgetful self is acting up again. I can't remember my assignment due dates, exam dates or what activities I have to do. Stuff just keep slipping my mind and it's really affecting me horribly. I can't concentrate in class (coz i have a bad lecturer which I'll personally type a whole post about it later) and I totally have no mood for class. Been pretty busy with 'The Cherry Tree Musical' project of SGMS 'cause I'm involved in the Graphic group which works on the set and props for the whole show. Trust me, we got lots to do as our stage is going to be damn huge. I'm busy and most of the time in SGM every night!

I'm in college.. pretty bored.. I have to present for the 'High Achiever's Program' in SIT's marketing project tomorrow. Don't feel like doing it though 'cause I don't have a drive or desire to do so! Gahhhh..

I guess i'm gonna go now... Wish me luck for everything!

Miss all of you guys ;)

ps: I think i need to go to the toilet for 'big business'! Gahhh but i'm in COLLEGE!! noooo!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Pleasure vs. Happiness?

It's been awhile huh? Honestly speaking, I have a lot in mind for the past few weeks... Been extra busy and have been a really forgetfully person as well.. Sigh.. I'm sorry to all 'cause I've just been very preocupied...

Today I took the liberty to 'start' blogging again because there's a question which bothers me since just now. Today in Moral Studies class we were told to define or explain what is Pleasure and what is Happiness to us. As usual, people would come up with lame and funny stuff such as having a girlfriend/boyfriend would explain the term of happiness. Some came up with very good answers though. I particularly love all my LAN courses because Mr. Chia, the lecturer really helps to jog your minds and require you to have very critical thinking skills.

He struck a nerve in everybody when asked about 'what will make you happy in your life?' saying generally that it's sad that a person lives just to survive, instead of living their life . General answers like "earning a huge income, striking the lottery and getting married, having kids" were given by most of us. None really showed or said that we ourselves know what makes us happy. Those answers given can be categorized as pleasure or a temporary happiness because it only affects you for that certain period of time in my opinion.

What's the difference between pleasure and happiness then?

That question is something I have yet to discover the answer. I am very content and satisfied with my life but what would make me achieve the feeling of absolute happiness? One thing is for sure, I'm very happy when I see the smile on the faces of my loved ones or feeling proud for the achievements of others. That would be something or 'happiness' that can last a lifetime in me, and my memories.

Previously on Sunday, we had a Soka Family Day in SGMS and I had the chance to see my youngest brother (Brian), performing with his other String Chamber friends on stage, doing something he liked. The expression on his face is priceless when he saw me sitting right in front of the stage on the floor with the other little kids. At that instant seeing him concentrating and smiling, tryin to do his best made me feel very proud. Till now, I still am for him being brave enough to perform in front of thousands of people in the hall. He looked so smart and skillful. It put a very huge smile on my face. That to me is happiness...

I guess you can say, pleasure is just a temporary happiness while happiness is absolute. No matter how you define it, it's just to hard to correctly give a precise and meaningful answer. Perhaps to me, pleasure is happiness experienced by only one person while happiness is shared and experienced by others around you as well. Pleasure serves to bring joy to only an individual while happiness affects people around an individual.

So, what do you think is the difference between pleasure and happiness? What defines pleasure and what defines happiness to you?

To all, it's time we start to truly think about the nature and meaning of our existance in life. Living just because you want to survive is not happiness, it's just like living like a zombie. Set goals, determine what you want to do for yourself and others. As for me, seeing people smile brings me great happiness everyday.

Now that that's out, I can finally think a bit more freely. Sorry for pushing a heavy thought at this time of a day. :) I shall enjoy what is yet to come in the future!!

Ke Xin aka kxin

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Miss, mana IC?

FYI : This post was meant for 19/3/07

Work, tests and assignments have been plaguing my life for the past few weeks! I'm sorry to everyone, especially my blog for neglecting it. Hehe.. Thanks everyone who took the liberty to keep my chatbox alive though.

Anyways, I have a VERY interesting story to share with you all. Some of you might even find it funny!

Last Friday night, on the 17th of March, I attended a Choir meeting in SGMS. After the meeting, a bunch of us decided to go for a wild night out. Doing what you ask? Go watch Mat Rempits? No. Karaoke? No. Movie? No. That's not wild enough! We've evolved much higher than those activities. Hehe.. We decided to hit the clubs and go 'CLUBBING'!!! Why do I sound so excited? Sigh.

I'm already 19 this year and I'm ready for new experiences and trying out new stuff (except for drugs and cigarettes - kids, don't try that at all!). After hours and stressful minutes of pleading my cousin sister to go with us, she finally gave in (well, after her mamak session was cancelled.. sigh.. what kind of cousin is this laa?). Seriously, we asked and asked and begged and pleaded her. I guess our efforts weren't to waste after all. It's all exciting and stuff. But wait.. I don't have anything to wear!! GAHHH!! Damn myself for being such a lazy ass girl who hates shopping.! To solve this problem, I had to hit my cousin's house to get some clothes.

Here's how the story goes:

Who was involved in this scheme? Me, H-Theing, Sue Ann, Andrew, Ivan, Alan and Chai Huat. Hehehe.. You might think they're very unlikely clubbing partners however, they can surprise you! Since there's 7 of us, we drove 2 cars (Ivan's and mine). We reached there around almost 11/12 am plus. I forgot what the place was called but then we walked down full stretches of roads to go to 'Rum Jungle' as recommended by Andrew (mind you, he has been clubbing before).

Unfortunately, they have an age limit. So much for being 19 and older than 18! Their age limit is 21 years old. Ivan being the sales person and innocent looking one, he went to the bouncers and stuff to 'discuss' our problem. Did we get in? Nope. They were pretty keen on sticking to the age limit, which is a very good thing by the way. During that time, Alan teased us for being 'still kids'. I felt pretty immature at that time! Grrrr... Bad Alan!

So, without wasting anymore time, we decided to go to Th** Club ('cause they don't state an age limit clearly). When I went in, I was surprised that not many people were dancing. I guess the picture of people dancing and grinding with each other on a compact dance floor was nicely etched in my brain and this scene didn't live up to that expectation. I looked at Theing and she looked at me back. I guess I was kinda disappointed? But Ann already mentioned that this club isn't that good at all 'cause people don't really dance much.

You have a few UNCLES doing the hip shake and some doing the touching body movements, which is kinda ewwwww if you took some time to think and visualize it. Hehe.. However, the thing that takes it all is a couple (girl and guy) that I saw. They were really near us at the bar and while staring at each other and whispering who knows what in each others' ears, these two decided to give everyone a make out show! Imagine slobbering two faces together while touching and grabbing body parts. Hehe.. They went ON and ON for the whole night. No offence, but you could actually wait till you go home to do that right? We could even 'watch' some ear cleaning action done! Not only at the bar, but on the pool table as well. *Wiggle eyebrows*.

Trying to get into the mood, Ann, Andrew and Theing started dancing and moving to the beat while I just stood and took in all the atmosphere. The boys - Alan, Ivan and Chai Huat were pretty busy with their good friend J.D. After a few minutes and stuff, you could see a lot of people especially guys starting to shuffle. I gotta say, the DJ is kinda annoying 'cause he stops or softens the music at some parts to say stuff like, "Yo yo yo" and "blablablablablas". It cuts steam ya know? (Potong stim laaahhh!!). After awhile, the boys started feeling the boost from the booze and started dancing with the crowd! It was wild and funny to see them having so much fun! (some of them looked like they were high on drugs! heheehehhee..)

OH, did you know that there's a 'Clubbing Etiquette for Dummies'? There's a lot of stuff you gotta remember when in a club ('cause most of the time you're surrounded by people who are either high on booze and maybe drugs). Ya don't wanna mess with them, trust me. Ann told me for example; the small stage they have at sections in the club, you can't just jump on the stage and start dancing 'cause you'll offend a lot of people (Especially if there's a bunch of LaLas right next to the stage you're dancing on). That's coz it's considered rude that you're stealing their limelight. Funny huh? And the 'you shouldn't point at people' rule too.

And just when I was about to get into the mood to party (around 2am), I noticed the club started emptying and the music was suddenly turned off. We thought the club was closing... Low and behold, the annoying Dj took the mic and said, "Please remain calm. Please remain calm. There's going to be a routine check. Don't worry. Please give all your cooperation to the authorities". We were like, "WTF?? Shit. Crap! How? HUH??? For the first time in my life, I'm going to be 'checked'". Those plainclothes policemen went to everyone to take their Id Cards. There's also a policeguy holding a video camera and videotaping the whole process. Now I felt like a criminal. Fuck!

Anyways, they gathered everyone's IC. We were forced to wait there for like an hour, in SUSPENSE! We didn't know what will happen to us and what was the age limit for the club. I was worried about being accused of being underaged. I hate being in suspense. We saw that they kinda stacked the IDs according to age groups and stuff while another policemen was on the phone, verifying the IDs with HQ. One by one they called out the names from the olderst to the youngest. Alan went first followed by the rest of us while Andrew was the last name to be called.

Waiting for our names was just scary... We didn't know what will happen to any of us. When my name was called, an elderly chinese policeguy passed me my ID and gave me an advice, "You're not 20 yet, you shouldn't be in clubs". He was a nice fellow with good manners and stuff, to my surprise. He gave advice like any other fatherly figure would do, not those accusing and despised stares that normally delinquents would get. After we left the club, most of the guys kept teasing and sighing, 'Aihhhh.. next time we don't go with underaged people'. Hehe.. poor guys. Overall, I had a great time and I learned a lot of stuff. So here's my advice for now:

1. Don't believe what you see on Tv.
- You know those segments of 'investigations' on TV where they show you people who are captured and caught doing bad stuff like clubbing. Don't trust those shots 100%. They might be from innocent club goers who just happened to be there on that day. They're not guilty. Plus clubbing is not as 'SINFUL' as you see on TV. I guess they just blow it out of proportions to discourage the youth but it's still unfair for them to do so!

2. There's no clear age limit to whom can go clubbing and whom cannot
- It's so confusing. I'm 19 now. One year older than the legal age. I should be able to get into clubs right? Or is it 21years old? Besides, how about guys? Do they have the same legal age as girls or the clubs can define their own legal age?

3. If i can think of something, I will add in lateR!

Alrighty. That's all for now guys! Hopefully I'll update soon! Give me some response or comments about this. It was a fun experience but I don't hope any of you will have to go through it.

Ke Xin aka Kxin

Friday, March 16, 2007

Feeling Competitive?!?! Try this out for a change!

There's a new event in town - happening soon. Check this out!

Hey guys! especially to those footie fans, you may like to put all your talents and skill into this competition! plus, the prizes don't sound bad at all! $$$$

TM ERA OLE K.O is down to its last 2 venues! A 1 minute battle between to people in a metal cage. The aim of the game is to “OLE” your opponent for a chance at winning RM6000!!!!!

18 march at Kuantan Parade … 10am to 7pm

25 march at Cineleisure Damansara … 10am to 7pm

Registration is FREE [Starts 10am – 4pm]

Background of Ole KO:
Ole KO or originally known as Panna KO was born in the streets of the Netherlands: Panna is the Surinam word for "humiliation", which is what you feel when you are "nutmegged" by a player - the ball is passed between your legs. Ole KO championships were held as a celebration of street football. The event consists of a 1-on-1 Knockout tournament with matches played in small cages, with very small goalposts. The most goals after 3 minutes win, but a successful “Panna” / “Ole” automatically wins outright.

ANYONE CAN PLAY! Whether you are a 10 yr old kid or a 60 yr old. No problem and best of all: no dress code!

Guess what? And if you register yourself with a TM proof of purchase [min. RM30 from TM Booth] you’ll instantly double up your cash prize!!! What a DEAL!!!

1st prize (1 winner) - RM 3,000 (RM 6,000 - if purchase RM30 TM Group products/services)
2nd prize (1 winner) - RM 1,500 (RM 3,000 - if purchase RM30 TM Group products/services)
3rd prize (1 winner) - RM 500 (RM 1,000 - if purchase RM30 TM Group products/services)

For more info, just log on to


Monday, March 05, 2007

Two 'overaged' kids visiting an oversized aquarium.. and had tonnes of fun!

Since it's the holidays and I haven't been doin much besides visiting family members and rushing assignments for Chinese New Year, I decided to go out and hang out in a few places. I don't get to go KL that often and when I go, it's a whole new feeling (speaking like a kampung girl)! So, I asked Sue Ann (KL girl) to bring me out on a fun and adventurous exploration of Kuala Lumpur.. And where did we go to? Hmmmmmm....


Here's the lowdown of our exploration!
Firstly, we passed by a LOT of snakes in little tanks. What are they? FISH? Hmmm.. I gotta comment, the little fish tanks they put these snakes in, I don't think it's good for the animals.. Most of them looked stoned! As we 'oohhhed' and 'ahhhed' at the slithery (or should I say still) snakes, we saw a lizards in a few of their tanks, just READY to be eaten!! Gahhh!! the horror! You see, most of the lizards (like those in your houses) have their tails bitten off by the snakes - some of the snakes were even swallowing the wiggling-detached-tails! ewwww...

One had it's tummy full with a lizard and was apparently digesting it. The snake had to stand up or raise its body high just to get the lizard down its stomach.. You can actually see the shape of the lizard! And one bit a lizard on its head and tried to eat it.. after a minute or two struggling with its prey, it starts to swallow but then the lizard comes back to life again and tried to run away! Gross I tell you.. You guys are lucky i don't have a video of it!

We saw monkeys, spiders, tortoise, turtles and so much more! Fishes too of course! here are some pics!

ohhhhhhhh.... BIG CICAK!!!.. yummy fingers?? hehee...

EwwW! a toad! It's size is bigger than our hands.. I shall update another upclose picture of it later on, then you can see the 'boils'.. muahahahaa..

Ohhh.. wouldn't you like to have this fishtank in your living room??
Little girl, HUGE FISH!! Hehe.. look at Ann's astonished stare... :)

JAWS - the 8th!!

Yaghhhh!!! Poser betul.. can you imagine I took this picture while I was moving away?

Got time to pose... hehehe.. too free!

OOOOOOoohhhh... Fisshhieeeesssss.... :D
And another!

One last one before we leave! I shall post up 'silent' videos next time.. see what other mischiefs we were up to! till then!

Ke Xin and Ann, OUT!